Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer = Time for Swagger

Swagger Like Us
By: Elisa Dobbins 

"Swagger" is an expression that has been introduced by Hip Hop and has been embraced by all. Swagger is the natural hustle encoded in each of us. Swagger is brazen confidence exhibited through one's persona, vibe and style. Swagger is natural, timeless and is not just a state of mind; it's a state of being.

Sometimes we don't explore our own personal swag out of fear of how people may react. Newsflash – stop making apologies for being yourself! We are all beautiful in such unique ways and these distinctions make our community so fabulous.

We all have swagger, but sometimes need an extra push in discovering it. So why not unleash your inner 'swag star'?

  • Play with color: You will be amazed at how a change in color can give you that extra "umph". If you are hesitant of permanent hair color due to the chemicals or commitment, try semi-permanent or temporary rinses.  Red hues add a beautiful warm hue to dark hair and a funky, richness to medium brown tones.
  • Switch it up: Change your hair style. Spend a day experimenting with new styles and new products.  Let your hair speak to you – you might be surprised as a new style is unleashed.
  • Get inspired: Try collecting pictures of 'dos that you love and make an inspiration book of sorts.
  • Be comfortable: if you know that you don't feel comfortable with your hair pulled back, don't do it!  Work within your comfort level.  You cannot be confident if you are uncomfortable.
  • Rock it: Whatever your style is, rock it! If you feel fabulous, that feeling will follow you through the whole day.
Bottom line, take some time to explore what makes your style special and embrace it. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman that doesn't apologize for her swagger! Spring is finally here and your inner diva is itching to get out.  No one on the corner has swagger like you!

Courtesy of The Coil Review

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