Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gym or no gym, that is the question...

First - don't judge me.  And yes I am having a vain moment.

So we all know that I don't get my hair blown out often, so it makes sense that I want to keep it straight as long as possible.

I think I am forgoing all gym activity for the week!  Let me try to rationalize this:

  1. We all know that the minute I hit kickboxing, my hair will "poof" and I will leave looking like Simba and there goes my money down the tubes.
  2. I count my calories, so as long as I eat like I am supposed to, missing a week of the gym won't be too bad - right?!?!?! (hmmm - let's not think about how I didn't go last week either).
  3. (I'm fresh out of reasons already).
When you hair is blown out, how do you keep your hair straight through workouts?  Clearly I need some help here!!!!