Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Meat and Hair Growth (or lack there of)

So I am trying to avoid meat but I am still eating fish.  I have been doing some research about vegetarianism and hair growth.  A lot of vegetarians complain of hair loss or slow hair growth.  I read an article that claims hair loss and slow hair growth isn't due to a lack of meat (or fish) in one's diet, rather usually a sudden change in weight.  If you are eating properly and still getting proteins from other sources (i.e. eggs, beans, etc), you shouldn't notice hair loss.  So I must eat my beans on a regular basis!  I have worked too hard to grow my natural hair!

Many vegetarians and vegans have a B-12 deficiency.  I've never eaten a lot of meat and I just recently started taking a B-12 supplement every day along with my multi-vitamin and Biotin supplement and I have noticed an increase in my energy levels.  I am not saying that I don't get tired, but I don't feel as run down as I have been feeling lately.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on how my hair holds up to my eating habits.  I would love to hear from naturals who are vegetarians, semi-vegetarians and vegans.