Thursday, December 20, 2007

Help! My hair is dry!

Hi everyone! My hair is sucking up any kind of moisturizer I put in it. Any suggestions for a nice, heavy moisturizing conditioner? I am still LOVING my hair cut which is a good thing, but I have to admit that I am getting bored – I really want to color my hair, but I am going to fight the urge and just wait until I am completely natural before doing that. Also, I have discovered that I can no longer roller set my hair; I have way too much new growth. I tried to do so a couple weeks ago and the result wasn’t anything to write home about. So I am back to blow drying and flat ironing it. At night I have been rolling it on hard, pink rollers and in the morning I wrap it up while I take a shower, comb it out and go. Every once and a while I have to re-flat iron the back b/c it gets pretty kinky J. So yeah that is pretty much it. Nothing else really to report. I am still truckin’ along and not really getting fed up with my hair quite yet. So stay tuned and Happy Holidays!