Friday, January 11, 2013

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"Stay tuned for a post about my lastest style obsession... 3 strand twists. #teamnatural "

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Just happy and nappy

When I first started blogging about my transitioning journey, I never (1) thought that I would be able to go completely natural, (2) that I would still be natural almost 6 years later, and (3) that I would have fallen so in love with natural hair.

It is clear that a lot of things have changed in my life.  I went to business school, moved across the country, and most importantly, I married the absolute love of my life.  But my hair journey continues to changed as well.  I am no longer trying to go "from dyed and fried to happy and nappy".  Instead, I am "just happy and nappy".

Now some people have a problem with the word "nappy".  My hair is tightly curled or coiled.  I love my hair.  So yup, I am just happy and nappy.

I hope you will continue to follow me as I continue on my ever evolving hair and life journey.  Here's to a new year, new beginnings, and all things happy and nappy!

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