Monday, September 21, 2009

New Lazy 'Do

I am always excited to share something new, even if it is really nothing, so thank you for putting up with me as I express a lil bit of joy :o).  My hair is growing at a nice pace, so I am able to do more.  I blew it out this morning, but didn't want to just pull it back like I usually do.  So before my Board meeting, I threw some clips in it and did a "half" pull back.  The 'do is nothing special, but I can add it to the my list of lazy hairdos.  Check out the pictures.


Overnight Oil Pre-Poo

After my trip to Cornell, in the mountains, my hair was feeling pretty dry.  I wanted to do some sort of overnight treatment, so I decided on an overnight oil pre-poo.  Since I am still on this Peppermint Oil kick, I was eager to mix up a concoction.

My mix included:
Peppermint Oil
Avocado Oil
Olive Oil 
Vitamin E Oil

I didn't drench my hair in the oil, because I didn't want to wake up with a mess, but I definitely used more than I normally would; I would say that I used enough to coat the hair shaft.  As I was applying my mixture, I made sure to massage the oil into my scalp as well.  I put a plastic cap on my head and tied a scarf around my head.  I figured that the heat would help the oil to penetrate as much as possible.

I woke up this morning and washed out the oil, and then continued with my normal wash/condition/deep condition routine.  My hair is very soft and is full of life.

An oil pre-poo can be a cheap alternative to a overnight deep conditioning treatment.  Chances are that you have oils in small amounts already.