Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Haircut –November 18, 2007

Sooooo as I mentioned in my last post, my hair desperately needed a trim and a pick me up. Well it got to the point where I couldn’t wait until I went to Philadelphia. Anyways, I called up my stylist that I have been going to on and off for the past 10+ years. I explained to her what my goal is (going natural) and she was like come on in and I can take care of you. So I went in on Saturday and let her wash, blow dry, press and curl and cut my hair and LOVE IT. I told her I wanted a bob, something kind of modern and she delivered. The only problem I have is the amount of products in my hair—it feels tacky and kinda greasy. She also told me how to fix my color issue. I had a blue-black rinse in my hair and once the color faded it left a greenish tint due to the base of the color. She told me to try a brown rinse that has a red base and the red will cancel out the green hue. So I am going to wash my hair in a few days and put the rinse in. I will update this post with those pictures as well. So things are great in terms of my hair journey and I am feeling a lot better about continuing!