Monday, September 17, 2007

My experience at Salon E’tae in Philadelphia- Update

Happy Monday! As promised, here is my "review" of my experience at Salon E'tae.

Overall I must say my visit was fabulous!

Everyone at E’tae was extremely helpful and readily answered my natural hair care questions. When I got there, the shop was packed, which made me feel a lot better about everything too! I was bummed that I couldn’t get a Carmel treatment because I had oil on my scalp but I was reassured that the other treatments would leave my hair feeling just as bouncing and soft—they weren’t lying!!! I do think that they should tell people how to prep their hair prior to coming into the salon, when they are making their appointments for the first time. So, I had a shampoo treatment. My hair was washed, conditioned and treated using Aloe, Preserve and Nutrient. Next my hair was blown dry (it air dried a bit—maybe 15 minutes) and my stylist clipped my ends and hot curled my hair. She put a bit of the Buttershine on my hair prior to curling it and then put some Watershine on it at the end. My hair was and STILL is very bouncing and light. My stylist suggested that I pin curl my hair for the first few days while I still have the curls and then roll my hair up at night or wrap my hair if I prefer a flatter style. Here are pictures:

I was also told that blow drying my hair once a week won’t damage my hair if I use their products correctly and carefully style my hair during the week (which I already do). So I think I am going to scrap my current hair routine and try this one, being that I am trying to go natural. Maybe I won’t have to get braids after all…

All in all, my drive to Philadelphia was truly worth the trip and I will be going back again soon. I purchased all of the products they used on me at the shop and I was given great instructions on how to use them at home. So check them out ( and let me know what you think.

Update: When using E'tae Products they recommend using the Creme of Nature shampoo in the yellow bottle with the green writing. I believe it is the Ultra Moist formula.