Monday, July 6, 2009

Hair Rules products + Ingredients 101 on the Coil Reivew + Other Tidbits

Hi Lovelies!  I know, I know... I have been neglecting yall!  I am so sorry.  For those of you who sent GMAT prayers my way, THANK YOU.  I did pretty well, but am going to take it one more time, so thank you for hanging in there with me.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Hair Rules products for "kinky" hair - both good and bad.  My aunt told me that Hair Rule products were featured on the Today show this morning, so I have been trying to find a clip of the segment, but I haven't had any luck.  I have been on the fence for months about whether or not I should buy them and try them out. We all know that my experience with the wash and go look, has left me pissed and lookin' like a poodle.  If you have used them, let me know your experience.  I might finally bite the bullet and give them a try.  The only thing that I am kind of weary about is that the second ingredient in the Kinky Curly Cream is mineral oil - yuck.  I try to stay away from products that contain mineral oil, but some of my favorite Miss Jessie's products contain mineral oil but they are near the bottom of the ingredient list.  Yall know I love products so I am very close to pushing the "buy" button so we shall see...

So the new name of my section on The Coil Review is "Ingredients 101".  Check out my July article on Aloe Vera.  Check back monthly for my new articles as well as all of the great information and resources on the website!
I have stopped being lazy and have finally 2-strand twisted my hair and it looks fabulous (if I might say so myself).  My roots are definitely coming in, but I am trying to hold out until I get them touched up again.

Pictures from my Photo Shoot

I had a photo shoot a couple weeks ago with my wonderul soror Amber (you might remember her spotlight).  Below are some pictures from the session.  We had a lot of fun!