Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kinky Curly Custard Revisted

Hi Lovelies!  So one of my dear sorors has convinced me to try Kinky Curly custard again.  The trick is to put it in your hair SOAKING wet.  So I will try applying it in the shower.  She also suggested that I two-strand twist my hair and use a diffuser while pulling each twist down.  I will try to get a diffuser attachment for my blow dryer tonight.  I went to the website to read the FAQs and they said if your hair ends up sticky (which I have experienced in the past) your hair wasn't wet enough to begin with.  I really hope this doesn't end up a disaster.  

I am going to do my hair while watching CNN's Black in America 2.  Please watch as MLT is being featured.  I am currently in their MBA Prep program - you may catch a glimpse of me (yes, shameless plug).  Send me some Kinky Curly suggestions if you have any!