Sunday, June 14, 2009

So far, so soft!

Hello lovelies! The Redken Butter Treat is really working. My hair is noticeably softer and I am able to use less product through out the week. This week I am going to rock a pulled back afro look. I have been studying like crazy and I don't even have the energy to twist my hair every night after I study for 3 hours. Yes pure laziness!

I am going to a wedding in SC in a few weeks and I am trying to figure out how to wear my hair. I am thinking about blowing my hair out and finding a really pretty ribbon or hair band of some sort to match the dress I am wearing (see right). I think the yellow (the actual dress is a richer yellow if that makes sense) will really look great with my red-golden hair! What do you think?

I am going to get my hair straightened and possibly my ends "dusted" right before July 4th. I am slightly worried about the upkeep of my color and highlights. It is one thing to have roots when you have one color, but I have highlights too, so I am not sure how my natural roots will look. That could be down right tacky. I will be sure to talk about the color "game plan" with Nicole when I see her in July.

Well please keep me in your prayers. The GMAT is in 10 days *gasp*. I have already booked my massage and pedicure for the day before the test. I am praying for complete relaxation for test day. Also, please keep checking out my articles on The Coil Review. My articles will be focused on the good and bad ingredients in hair products. I am really excited about delving deeper into some of the ingredients in products that are marketed to natural beauties!


Kinky Rhonnie said...

Gorgeous hair color and I LOVE the dress.

Elisa said...

Thank you! The dress is from Macy's - in case you are interested :o).

OMB said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!!! Hope your studying is going well and good luck on your GMAT's!!!!!