Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kinky 4a/b girls listen up + My 2 year natural-versary!

I am speaking straight to the kinky, 4a/b lovelies out there!  

While wash and go looks aren't necessarily a reality for us, we can still take advantage of quick, gorgeous styles!  If you haven't already, please try the style I talked about in one of my last posts.  I have managed to shave off an hour of time from my previous wash day routines.  If you aren't a fan of KCC, give it another try and use a TON of Knot Today before you apply any of the KCC (funny story - I went to pick up the 2 bottles of Knot Today I special ordered from Whole Foods.  When I got there, there was another woman cleaning the KC product line out!  She was so excited.  She said that she calls all the time to find out when the shipments come in.  People really love the products.  They are really amazing and all natural.  You can't beat that!

Is detangling is tough?  I used to use conditioner to detangle my hair, but once I discovered Knot Today, my life changed (dramatic? indeed).  I use a TON of it and the comb literally glides through my hair.  It is worth every penny.

I am now 2 years into being natural (I totally missed my natural anniversary lol) and I am finally comfortable and really loving my hair.  I used to be upset that I didn't have looser curls, but God gave me my texture and I love it!  Please embrace and work what you got!