Thursday, September 20, 2007

A little needed inspiration...

So I have a wonderful hair coach (I am lucky because I have several) who particularly watches over me at work. Well amidst one of my many meltdowns (believe me, I have many), Coach Terra sent me the following clip about Brock. I must stay, it was truly inspiring lol. Watch the whole thing!

Checking In – September 20, 2007

So…6 days after my trip to the E’tae Salon and my hair still looks great—light, full of body and moisturized! I have worked out and everything! The only product I have put on my hair since last Friday is the Watershine and I only use a tiny bit of that in the morning if my hair needs some shine. I just received the Buttershine in the mail (I forgot to pick it up at the store). The next test is to see how my hair comes out when I do it myself and follow their directions. Hopefully it comes out nice because I have a function on September 29th lol.

Look for a post this weekend with more pictures! Also today is my TWO MONTH mark! Two down and MANY more to go!