Monday, January 14, 2013

1 Week Curlformer Review + New Style Obsession

I thought that I would include a slideshow of my week of looks, courtesy of my Curlformers set.  I have to admit that I was bummed on day 2 and 3 when the curls started to not look as "crisp" but Curlformers are awesome for stretching!  I rocked a big, fluffy, twist out for days.  And working out didn't ruin my hair.  I usually end up with terrible shrinkage after a rough workout, but the 3 strand twist out really saved my hair.  And again, I want to reiterate that I didn't use any heat on my hair.

So once my curls started to poof, my thought was to rely on a 2 strand twist out.  But as I was perusing YouTube, I discovered the 3 strand twist *gasp* - my new style obsession.  It really sounds more complicated than it is.  You are literally twisting your hair, like a rope, with 3 strands.  You just have to be careful not to braid your hair.  Check out a great tutorial from MsKelabug:

MsKelabug's video is great and her hair is beautiful!

Yesterday, I planned on doing a 3 strand twist on wet hair, but I'm "chasing [the style] dragon" this week and decided to use Curlformers again.  I've really gotten the technique down and my second attempt took only 45 minutes.  I would love to hear about your Curlformer storiy!