Friday, December 12, 2008

Big Hair Envy

I have seen some of the hottest big curly fros this week and I definitely have had big hair envy! Don't get me wrong, I am loving my dry twist outs (which are getting better and better as I do them more), but I want some big hair. So after kickboxing on Wednesday, my twists were not nearly as definied and my curls were trying to make their return. I decided to pull all my hair back and pull the twists apart. I wasn't really feeling it at first, but today I am loving this look! I'll probably wash my hair tonight or tomorrow and do a dry twist out again, just because I don't feel like being creative and do anything else :o).
I think I am going to have to touch up color soon because my roots are already growing out. But the good thing about this color is that dark roots don't look awful next do the auburn/brown color.
I also haven't deep conditioned in a couple weeks. Yes I know, I am being lazy. I'll be sure to do that this weekend too!