Saturday, July 24, 2010

I did it again...

So remember that left over henna in my freezer?  Well it was calling me!  I had some already mixed and some that was still in the powder form.  I let my frozen mix thaw (probably for about an hour or two) and then I added the rest of the henna powder I had.  I brewed two green tea bags in about a cup of water and added the warm tea to my mix (probably about 1/2 cup).  I had no problems mixing up the frozen with the dry.

I let the mix sit for about 30 minutes while I washed my hair.  I added in about a tablespoon of honey, mixed, and applied it.  After about 4 hours I rinsed it out and oh my goodness...I can see how people get hooked on henna!!!  The color is fabulous, my hair is soft and my curls look so springy!

After my deep condition, I twisted my hair with KCC and Knot Today as I normally doand I am now sitting under the dryer (I usually let my hair air dry, but it takes 12+ hours and I need to catch a plane tomorrow afternoon).

I ordered some Punjabi Prime after I consulted with the folks at again.  I want a little more kick after day one.  I will definitely post pictures of those results.  Not sure if I will see any difference.

I wish that I would have discovered henna a LONG time ago!