Friday, May 16, 2008

Things are going good yall! :)

So I have added a new style to my repertoire :). Now I have been coiling my hair after washing it, letting it air dry and then separating each coil. I like this better than 2 strand twisting it. I am still using the same products and am really happy with the my hair! It's growing very fast and really starting to look cute, in my opinion.


B. Fly said...

Lookin' good! I cut all mine off. I will have to send you pics. :-)

Why Not Kristin said...

How happy to be nappy Soror!!! Number one advice is to moisturize. I commend you for doing the big chop, I actually grew my hair and cut it off inch by inch. But I think if I would have just cut it I would know my hair better. I will be two years nappy on the 21st so I know just a lil something LOL!!! I'm in a natural hair group on not sure if you've heard of it but check it out!!! I'm happy to come across another AKA since I'm new to the area, take care!!!

Elisa said...

Thank you Soror! I just joined the group on I can't wait to see what the group is about!