Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wash and go isn't for me... yet.

So I tried the whole wash and go thing two days in a row this week and my hair didn't do what I wanted it to do. It curls too tight and just shrinks right up when it dries. So I thought I would try to be 'cute' today and make myself a style of some sort and it worked. Take a peek at my pictures. I used a very small amount of the Aveda Brilliance gel that I just bought and used a little bit of the Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue (I am out of the Baby Buttercreme) and two strand twisted and coiled some pieces last night. And voila! As I am writing this, I am finishing up re-twisting it because I am going to rock this style again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey homie!!! So, rememebr our little IM convo where I said I was giving away my flat iron!! Well, I didn't so much give it away, I just tucked it away NEVER to be used again!

I have been rocking my wash and go curls all week and it feels FABULOUS!!!

Not having put in the "fire cream" as you call it for a year, my hair has developed a cute curl and I love it!

I'm going to go and indulge in a few of the products you suggested too!

Ciao and have a FAB weekend dahling!

Anonymous said...

Hey! So i tried a new shampoo and conditioner - Pantene ProV Hydrating Curl! I saw a difference in! Seriously! It's the greatest!!! The first day , it made my curls real tight to my head, but I used it again and dryed my hair a little differently and the curls came out a tad looserso I didn't lose too much length! Just wanted to share! :-)