Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Impulse decision

So big news first. My husband and I are expecting! The little peanut will be making his/her debut in October. Around the date of my last post is when I found out… needless to say life has been a whirlwind since then.

I was extremely tired during my first trimester (luckily that’s the only real symptom I experienced) and had a hard time keeping up with my hair. So I turned to a weave and that helped me out a lot. I figured it was better to take care of a weave properly, rather than risk damage to my natural hair by not giving it the time it needed.

So on Sunday after yoga, I had the bright idea to take my weave out because I missed my natural hair. My hair has always grown pretty fast and I always heard that your hair grows like crazy you are pregnant due to hormones and the prenatal vitamins, but I was not ready for the amount of hair I discovered. I was overwhelmed with the amount of hair on my head and I am at a loss for what to do with it.  I feel like I am starting my natural journey all over again.

I carefully removed my weave and washed/conditioned my hair like usual. I made an impulse purchase at Target and purchased Jane Carter’s Hair NourishingCream and used it as a heat protectant before I blew out my hair. I am very happy with the product and highly recommend it, despite the price tag (~$17). My hair was soft and had a nice shine when I was done. Later that night, I curled my hair on grey and purple flexi rods using some Natural Oasis hair oil

The next morning I had big, fluffy, textured curls. Now what do I do?  Besides a bun and two strand twists, I am fresh out of ideas. I know I should leave the heat alone and style my hair wet, but did I mention I was pregnant and tired? 
Day 1

Day 2


Kena said...

1st Congrats on the pregnancy.
2nd have you tried mini twists? I personally don't have the patience to install mini twists but I have done not so mini twists. Think maybe 40 or do twists. I've never counted do that's a rough estimate.
3rd and the reason I found you is bye to bio oil---did you find any success? Would you recommend it?

Unknown said...

Thanks Kena and sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I haven't tried mini twists mainly b/c I don't have the patience right now lol. And I really like big, poofy hair. I wasn't consistent with bio oil, but I have been using Carol's Daughter belly cream every day and have NO stretch marks and I am 27 weeks right now. Highly recommend.