Monday, June 7, 2010

J'adore l'huile de noix de coco!

Translation - I love coconut oil!  So I am trying to brush up on my French as I want to study abroad during my last semester at school (Spring 2012).  

I digress - so I wrote an article for The Coil Review about organic, extra virgin coconut oil, so I have been experimenting with it in food preparation (makes great scrambled eggs) as well as in my hair.  Here are the ways I have used it for my hair thus far.

1. Pre-shower moisturizer - I've read that coconut oil is the only oil that your hair will absorb.  Not sure if that's 100% true (meaning I'm not sure if there are other oils out there that will do the same).  So before my shower I put a quarter-sized amount through my hair and took a steamy shower.  My hair felt super soft after.

2. Deep conditioner - Last night I added coconut oil to the Redken Butter Treat conditioner I use.  I put a plastic cap on and sat under the dryer for 25 minutes.  I rinsed it out and then soaked my hair with KC Knot Today and detangled.  I decided to do a dry twist out.  Let me tell you.  Blowing drying my hair (on the warm setting) was a dream.  My hair was and still is amazingly soft!


Goldilocs said...

heeeeeey! been waiting for you to post! How are you!! ok, coconut oil is FABULOUS! I heat mine up to liquify it, then put a liberal amount on my locs, wrap it up in a plastic bag and sit & relax for an hour or so. Then I use acv to clarify to make sure of no build up in my locs! I loooooove coconut oil!

My new oil I am trying and love too, is jamaican black castor oil! It is RANK, but I just mixed in my rosemary oil with it and it's good to go! People rave about it and how it thickens and grows hair so I'm giving it a try! It also absorbs into the hair rather quickly and is good for scalp massages too!

ok bye! oh and find me on twitter, i am back! @BsoFabulous

Savonna Rae said...

I like that you are going all natural. I may do the same this winter. Great tip on the coconut oil. I gonna give it a try this summer.