Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time for Change

Hi Lovelies.  So a lot has happened since I last updated my blog (sorry for the long overdue post).  I decided where I am going to business school (Go Big Red!), I started packing and am moving in with granny for a few months before the BIG move, and of course I am itching to change my hair.

I made an appointment with Nicole to get a much needed trim (hopefully it doesn't turn into a cut) and a deeper, richer color.  I really want to go with a deep, rich chocolate color.  Not sure if Nicole will opt for a rinse or a permanent color.  I really just want something that I can easily and cheaply maintain on a student budget for the next two years.

Also I did my hair this weekend and I am not liking the way it feels.  I think that I'm going to wash it tonight and try a throwback hair style - dry twist out.  I will post the results!

Updated: So once I got home from work, I realized that I already packed my blow dryer.  Soooo with that said, I got really lazy and opted to do absolutely nothing with my hair.  I will post my results from my appointment with Nicole!

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