Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Protecting Curls + Staying Warm

I have struggled for a few years now to keep my head warm without wreaking havoc on my hair.  I have been able to keep my hair cute and safe in the DC area without wearing a hat, but that will probably change soon.  I could potentially be attending business school in some brutally cold areas, so enough is enough!

  1. Stay away from hats lined with fabrics that will pull, snag, or catch your hair.  I have been searching for hats with satin linings and I have had no luck.  BUT, I kind of like the Aviator style hats with the faux fur lining.  I still have to be careful with faux fur, because that might pull out my hair too.  Not necessarily the cutest hat, but it's funky enough that I think I could make it work.  Check out Amazon for some good deals!
  2. Earmuffs.  I haven't worn earmuffs since elementary school, but I may have to get some.  Earmuffs would be perfect on a not-so-bitterly cold day.
  3. Be careful with scarves and coats!  Make sure your scarf and/or coat isn't snagging your hair at the nape of your neck.
Do you have any tips to share?  I am close to putting a satin scarf on underneath of a hat.  I am trying to avoid that as much as possible!

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msjaim said...

I ALWAYS wear a satin bonnet or scarf under my winter hats to protect my hair. its waaay yo cold in chicago for me to be trying to look cute. Lately Ive been rocking a half wig, but even when I wear twist outs, I just get to work a lil early to take them out in the ladies room.