Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No heat for 3 weeks - can I do it?

Okay I am officially awful - I know. So sorry for not posting recently. Life happens and the GMAT sucks, but I digress. I'll post my Aveda straightening regimen soon, I've tweeked it a little bit and added some BioSilk to the mix and get much better results.

So I am going to a wedding Memorial Day weekend and I am getting my hair professionally straightened by hair goddess Nicole at Pure Beauty in DC. You might have remembered me talking about her in a post a while ago - she was the first person to straighten my hair :o). I am dreading the visit because I know she is going to chop a bunch of hair off. I hope I don't cry. I digress (again) - I am trying to avoid heat for the next 3 weeks to save my hair for her blow out. I might try shingling again with the Curly Meringue. I tried with a little piece first, before I set myself up to be pissed.
My hair definitely curls it just shrinks. BOOO! So maybe I'll buck up and wash my hair and try the shingling method all over. I am not really sure. UGH.

UPDATE: Below are pictures of my hair right after the Curl Meringue (it's still drying). I guess we will see how my hair holds up after a work out tomorrow morning. Stay tuned..

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KO said...

Once upon a time I use to think all naturals cna shingle their hair but it is so not true. I for instance have a Z-pattern, so my hair really isn't coily. Maybe you are experiencing that or maybe its a mixture of both?