Friday, May 15, 2009

New Pictures + Scalp Woes

Happy (freakin' ) Friday! Yes I am feeling that kinda way! Anyways, I noticed that I hadn't posted pictures in a while, so enjoy the pictures of my wet twist out a week later (I'm wearing blue) and a dry twist out I did a couple weeks ago (I'm in the black). I'm not really feelin' the wet twist out but, hey, it works. Not sure how long this 'no heat' thing will last. Meah.

My scalp is irritated. I noticed a... pimple yesterday! WTF! So I think I need to pay very close attention to cleansing my scalp, especially since I either use Wen or co-wash. I need to make sure I get all the build-up off of my scalp. I was thinking about mixing up some type of concoction to cleanse my scalp - I still haven't gotten my peppermint oil, but maybe this will help a little bit. Maybe an apple cider rinse? I really just want to cleanse my scalp - I don't know if my hair needs a serious cleansing too. Any suggestions?
Tonight is hair night. On the agenda tonight - a serious, under the dryer deep condition, a clear rinse to make my color shine some more and maybe a dry twist out - yes I know, I said no heat, but my hair doesn't do well with the wet to dry look. It shrinks to darn much!
Side note - My mom just told me that she knows a natural that swears by Nick Chavez hair products... thoughts?

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*B* Fab said...

Hola miss girl! So let me see...I too hate twisting my hair when it's wet, total shrinkage! So when i wash my hair, I put my product on, let it air dry, then put alittle bit more product in and do a "dry" two strand twist. Then the following days, I put a tiny bit mor product in and twist and go and I LOVE it! I don't like my hair when i wash and go anymore, it's too short! :-(

Oh yeah and spill the beans on the products that rival miss jessies! I refuse to spend that much on stuff so I'd like to know :-)