Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is here!

So you all know that I have been toying with the idea of going lighter. I have been torn because I continue to get so many compliments on my current hair color, but I want a change. Well after a lot of research about mixing box hair color, I am going to color my hair in a few minutes using Textures & Tones in Light Golden Brown and Honey Blonde. I have read great things about the outcome of mixing these two colors together so I am excited to see the results! I think having the Cherrywood color in my hair right now, will make the color a bit warmer. I didn't want to use just Honey Blonde because I feared that the color would end up brassy or orange. I will post pictures of the results - please pray it comes out pretty!

Update: So I colored my hair. There isn't a huge change in the color, but I think it looks a little more golden. I won't really know until I untwist it and see it in the sunlight tomorrow. The picture below is right after my blow out. Ugh! I was definitely hoping for more drastic results! Maybe a rinse in a gold color will make the color pop more. I have no idea. Night yall!

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Laquita said...

I think the color looks great :o)