Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So I got bored...

... a found two reddish color rinses in my closet.  I mixed the two and ended up with an enhanced red head.  I kinda like it (not sure if you can tell from the pictures).  It was a nice temporary change, since it will all wash out in a couple washes.  I also decided to stop being lazy and I dry twisted my hair.  I have gotten pretty good at it and it STILL takes me at least an hour to do *sigh*.  I guess no one told me that natural hair was any quicker, but damn!

I did all of this only after a failed attempt at using the Wet Set Pudding to wear my hair curly.  As usual, my hair was super cute right after the product was in, but as it started to try, my curls started to shrink up more and more and needless to say I looked like a poodle.  I am dreading the hot weather and humidity because my dry twists won't last as long.  Hopefully I'll come up with another 'do before then, otherwise, I will be rockin' some shrunkin puff all summer.  UGH!

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