Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blown out!

I know I know... I had to "break" my hiatus to share my new 'do with yall.  I blew out my hair on Saturday and hot curled it.  I didn't press or flat iron my hair first, I just simply blew it dry, as straight as possible, and then used my ceramic curling iron and I am really happy with the result. I have been using the heat protectant by Motions, but I don't know if I really like it. I have also tried the Chi heat protectant and I didn't like how my hair felt after using it.  Does anyone have any suggestions for good heat protectants? 

When I touched up my curls on Sunday, I did use some beeswax and I like the soft hold I got.  In order to maintain the culrs, I have been rolling my hair at night (blast from the past - I can't remember the last time I rolled my hair lol), so I won't have to keep putting heat on my hair in the morning.  Sunday night, I used hard pink rollers and the result was so so.  Last night I used the pink spongy rollers with the papers and it came out just right.  Bouncy, curly and big!  Yall know I love BIG hair!  I haven't had a problem keeping it straight other than my ends.  My ends never want to cooperate.  I'm sure after kickboxing tomorrow, my hair will be a mess, but oh well.

I'll post some more pictures tonight, but I will definitely do this again.  I love how my color looks when I use heat on it.  Maybe I won't go ligther this summer after all - I am so torn!

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