Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Update of 2009!

Hey lovelies!  I am sitting here watching American Idol and with Giovanna (1 of 2 cats) laying all over me and I thought that I should give you all an update.  My hair is still growing and I am still lovin' it.  I recently touched up my color using Textures & Tones hair color in Cherrywood.  I am going about 6 to 8 weeks between coloring and I haven't noticed any kind of drying.  I did some research last week because I was curious about what hair color naturals were using and diggin.  And as I suspected most naturals love Textures & Tones and a some like Feria.  A lot of people were saying that Feria dried out their hair and some said that Textures & Tones didn't lift their natural hair color enough.  I am going to stick with the Cherrywood color and maybe go lighter this summer (with the help of a stylist); maybe some highlights.  I haven't had any issues with Textures & Tones so I might as well stick with it.

I want to revisit my thoughts regarding Wen.  My aunt literally handed me a bag full of it (she loves QVC) so of course I wasn't going to turn it down.  I have the Fig, Tea Tree and Sweet Almond formulas.  I forgot how much I love the Fig formula!  It really does wonders with ethnic hair.  I may have to suck it up and start forking over the $30 again.  I will definitely keep using the Hair One version of Wen in a pinch, but I might have to give Wen another go.  I just wish I could buy it at a store, because having to pay shipping and handling on top of the $30 is a bit much.

Let's see what else - I am still dry twisting my hair because I love how it looks about 4 days or so.  The picture in this post is 2 days after I did my last dry twist out (please excuse how messy it is - I just took out my bobby pins).

I was thinking about getting my hair straigtened this week for my birthday, but I don't feel like having all that heat on my hair especially since I just colored it. 

So nothing really new is going on with me or my hair.  I haven't gotten the urge yet to try something new and/or drastic, but I have been reading my fave hair blogs and frequenting the forums to see if I read anything that sounds interesting.

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