Monday, November 17, 2008

New Discoveries...

So as many of you remember, I at one point raved about Wen Hair Cleanser, but I wasn't raving about it's $30 price tag. Well I was in Sally's over the weekend (sadly, the people who work there know me) and to my surprise discovered they have their own version of Wen by Fiske Hair One in 4 varieties (normal hair, dry hair, color treated hair and dry scalp). Like any product junkie would do, I picked up the formula for dry hair (Olive Oil) for $11. When I got home I compared the ingredients between the Fiske Hair One version and Wen (I still have a smidgen left) and low and behold, they basically have the same ingredients. So I used it this weekend after I touched up my roots and I am quite pleased with the results. My hair was nice and soft and I used some as a leave in too. I can't find any differences between the Hair One cleanser and the Wen cleanser. I definitely recommend it as a much cheaper alternative to Wen.

I'm throwin' in the towel yall. I have given up on my search to find a cheaper alternative to Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme. I can't find a thing that keeps my hair soft and moisturized like the Baby Buttercreme does and all the money I have spent in trying to find an alternative, could have bought me a new container of it *sigh*. So I broke down this morning and went to Miss Jessie's site to order some more and low and behold they are having a buy 1 get 1 free special on EVERYTHING! So if you are a Miss Jessie's junkie, hop to it!

Photos to follow tonight. Hugs!

Update (11/18/08) - Here are some more morning hair shots :o).


Anonymous said...

The hair looks great. Oh and I do love the Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme fact when i wear it I get so many compliments of how nice I smell...LOL. Definitely a product you dont need to wear perfume I am also using Jane Carters twist and loc butter works well especially when i want something not too heavy.
- KO

B. Fly said...

I read about the Sally's version of Wen on I lucked up and got an almost full bottle of Wen in a swap for about $8. Maybe I will try the Hair One when that bottle is gone. Your hair is still looking great!

Elisa said...

How do you use the twist and loc butter?

Definitely give the Hair One version of Wen a try. I couldn't tell any difference except for price!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. I have wanted to try WEN for awhile but I just wouldn't do it with the price. I am going to pick up the knock off today and give it a whirl.