Friday, October 10, 2008

Overnight Pre-Poo

So when I was transitioning, I used to pre-poo (condition before shampooing) with a protein conditioner every time I washed (well just about every time). For some reason, once I went completely natural, I stopped pre-pooing. Well since I have hit a dry spell, I decided to revisit this. I've read a lot about pre-pooing overnight and have never done it b/c I am a wild sleeper and I can just imagine waking up with a bed full of hair products! Many naturals swear by pre-pooing whether it is with oils or conditioners they are trying to get rid of. So tonight, I have decided to pre-poo with various oils - castor oil, some of my leftover Carol's Daughter oils, and Better Braids Herbal Growth Oil (I highly reccommend this herbal growth oil).

I mixed all the oils together and used my color brush to apply the oil all over. I smushed it all in and put a plastic cap on my head and then my scarf. I am praying I don't wake up with oil all over my sheets.

Tomorrow I need to put another dark brown rinse in followed by a DC under the dryer. Ladies, I am starting to get very frustrated with my hair. It seems that the more it grows, the tighter it curls so it really looks shorter. Ugh! I need a pep talk!

Update: So after I cowashed my hair the next day, I still wasn't convinced that the overnight oil prepoo did much for me. But after the color rinse and a deep conditioner with Elasta QP DPR-11 Remoisturizer (which I LOVE), my hair did feel noticably softer. So I think I am on the right track with the overnight prepooing, but I might try using a conditioner the next time I wash my hair this week.


MW said...

don't get frustrated! Your hair is gorgeous and I live through your trials/experiments! I need to know more about this pre-poo...I too am hitting a SUPER dry spell and have no clue (and no time to figure out) what to do

Elisa said...

thank you!!!

try pre-pooing. if oils don't work for you try using a moisturzing conditioner and see if that helps. try only using shampoo once a month and co-wash for your other washes :o)

E-Learning said...

Going natural? Then why color? I have first hand knowledge that your natural hair color is beautiful!- Mom