Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Natural for life?

People keep asking me if I am going to be natural for life. It takes me a while to answer and the best I can say is that "I hope so". I mean, what am I supposed to say? I would love to think that I will never stray from being natural. I can safely say that I'll never get a relaxer ever again in life. My hair really can't take it - it thins, breaks off, they are expensive, etc. A texturizer? Maybe. Who really knows. As much as I like to color my hair and try new styles, being natural is really the best thing for me... at least for right now. I can't imagine doing the BC all over again. I don't know if your girl has it in her lol.

Then I wonder, why people are asking me this (not to be rude or anything). Is it because going natural is still seen as somewhat taboo in our society or because people don't think I can keep this up? Or maybe people think this is a phase?

Who knows...

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Amber N. Wiley said...

girl i feel you on this. when i first cut off my perm i got questioned with "so when are you going to get a perm again?" it's now 6 years later and getting a perm to me is like a nightmare in the middle of a thunderstorm- absolutely terrifying! i wonder what i'll look like 10 years from now in terms of my hair, but i don't really dwell on it too much. your hairstyle is sure to grow and evolve as you grow and evolve, same as it would if you had a perm, so try and not let the questions get to you, eventually they will fade away. trust.