Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yes, I did it. After 8 months without a perm, I cut off all my permed ends - by MYSELF! I finished taking out my braids today and said, why not? And honestly, I didn't have that much to cut off (picture to the side). Most of what I had to cut was in the front and on the sides. I just put an order in for Miss Jessie's travel size pack so hopefully I will have that soon. My plan is to wear my super cute wig I just bought (picture to the side) until I either figure out which cremes work the best to make my curls look long or until I get my lace front wig that is in the process of being made. I would say when I pull my curls tight, I have about 2 inches (longer in some spots) of natural, soft, thick hair. And for once, it's all my natural hair color which is a nice dark to medium brown. Sadly I haven't had my natural hair color in years!

So this is what I did. After taking my braids out, I pre-poo'ed, washed my hair and let a deep conditioner sit in my hair for a few hours. I then rinsed it out and cut the ends off when it was still wet/damp. Then I wet it again and used some of the Pantene curly conditioner and rinsed most of it out, but left a lil in. I then put in some of the TRESsemme curl hydration lotion and some of my Keracare leave in conditioner. Now I am letting it air dry. Instantly as I was cutting off my ends, my curls were springing back to a tighter curl!

I am too excited and a bit shocked that I took the scissors to my own head, but it's done now. I am definitely glad that I did it, because it was time and I have no regrets. Once I get the right product in my hair, I will post the "post chop" picture and the "after product" picture.

So yeah. My natural journey is now into the next phase! How exciting!


TiaBia said...

Congratulations, Elisa!!!

I actually cried when I had my permed ends cut out, but my cousin told me it was time...and it was, LOL

Elisa said...

Thanks Tia!

I think I am still in shock. I haven't cried yet, but I have a feeling I will soon lol.

Anonymous said...

Wooo!! Yay! I will say, like Tia, I'm shocked you did it - but like you said, it's done now! :) We can be twins... RI has gotten a lot of my fro lately! lol

Elisa said...

Haha. I don't think DC is ready for my shrunken fro. Maybe Miss Jessie's products will work some miracles lol.

KO said...

Of the Miss Jessie product i like the Baby Buttercreme, but there are so many more I prefer still.

Like Kinky Curl has a good line and a lot cheaper.

Yeah a natural journey together:)