Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So natural hair isn't corporate (according to Glamour magazine)?

Check out this article. It's sad that people are still quite bold with their racist thoughts and beliefs and really have no shame about what comes out of their mouths. SMH. Thanks for sending me this article K!

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Tabes1913 said...

It is really sad. VERY sad. But one has to decide how they want to define themselves and what makes THEM happy. It's all about how much you are willing to play the game.

I feel that my performance at work is such that I excel regardless of my hairstyle. My character, hard work and work ethic outweigh my natural hair. Know how I know this? I just got a promotion after a year of having my hair like this! :)

I'm not naieve...I know I'm fortunate...it's not like that everywhere. However, there are certain things about my character and what makes me happy that I'm NOT willing to forfeit for "success," which we all define differently.

It's about your own comfort level with your identity and how far you're willing to give up that identity to conform. I'm already planning my corporate exit strategy....I don't plan to be playing this game forever! In the meantime, it's good that my current employer is seemingly accepting of my choice of hairstyle.

I look at it like this....this is the hair God gave me...I didn't dye it pink...I didn't shave it into a mohawk...so it can't be compared to such. This is the hair I was intended to have. As long as it's neat and clean, no one should have a problem. Other ethnicities aren't forced to chemically alter their hair are they? Not knockin the permed sistahs, of course...but this is my choice. Not to make a statement...but to enjoy the beauty of what God gave me. :) I love the shift to natural hair...we are a beautiful mix of people.