Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today has been a good hair day thus far...

So I worked out last night and of course the naps have come out to play! If I am not being lazy, I’ll usually pin curl my hair at night towards the end of the week. It’ll come out curly in the morning but since I am still trying to master this technique, some curls are flipped under and some are flipped up lol. Either way, I can usually pin it up kinda cute and no one knows it was a mistake. But last night I decided to roll my hair on my hard pink rollers so I could have some sort of body this morning and it came out kinda cute (see picture). I put some Castor Oil on my roots this morning since I noticed they were getting a bit dry. So today , I would say I am having a good hair day :o). Hopefully I can stay dry. If I get rained on, I am sure that I will be ranting on here tomorrow!

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